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Technology Learning Center


The Technology Learning Center (formerly the Faculty/Staff Resource Center), is a collaborative effort between ATCS and IRT, to provide faculty and staff access to a variety of resources that will help in the development of various projects.

Resources include an open computer lab, training rooms and project rooms which are described in the following sections.

Computer Labs

In the open computer lab area, faculty and staff have access to:

  • Windows and Mac computers
  • Navigate the internet
  • Scanning and Printing
  • Video editing hardware/software
  • Variety of software applications
  • Meet with AIT Consultants for SacCT course work and other projects.

Use these resources to complete course or department related projects and work.

Project Rooms

Use the video editing hardware and software in Project Rooms, ARC 3012A and 3012B, to complete video projects such as:

  • Recording of class lectures
  • Voice over video
  • Video Editing

Both Project Rooms are equipped with a Windows computer station and video imaging and editing equipment.

Use of Project Rooms is Appointment Based Only. For more information vist the Project Room webpage.

Resources Guides

These series of guides provide basic steps to help you get started on using the different resources available in the Technology Learning Center. The guides are divided into the following three categories:

Digital Media

Guides get you started in using video editing software Pinnacle or iMovie to create and edit movies, how to convert VHS into digital files or DVD's, how to scan slides and how to capture screen images with Snag-It. These resources are available in the open Computer Lab area of the Technology Learning Center.


Guides explain the different equipment available and where you can find it in the Technology Learning Center.

Printing & Scanning

Guides explain how to use the printing and scanning resources. Basic steps to get you started with scanning to PDF format and OCR are also provided.


Faculty and Staff can attend Training Workshops about SacCT and various software applications throughout the semester, which take place in the Technology Learning Center's Training Room ARC 3013.

The training room has both Windows and Mac computer stations, scanners, and various software applications.

Visit the Training Website to learn more about Training Workshops and how to Register.

Last updated: July 15, 2014