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Web Page Accessibility

How do you make Web sites accessible to people with disabilities? Here are a few ideas:

  • A user with hearing problems will need to have video captioning included.
  • People with mobility impairments benefit from well-designed sites that allow for easy movement through the site utilizing alternate input devices.
  • Users with sight disabilities who cannot see the information on a Web site benefit from accessing a site that is designed to facilitate screen reader technology or that allows fonts to be resized easily.
  • Learning-disabled users benefit from good design that provides consistent elements as well as both visual and aural input.

Accessibility Tips for Web Pages

  1. Include descriptive alternate text for every image.
  2. Label links to describe where the link leads.
  3. Use appropriate headings for page title (h1), section heading (h2), and subsection heading (h3).

Additional Resources for Web Pages

Last updated: June 22, 2011