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LockDown Browser FAQs

Note for Students: The Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) software in SacCT was changed to begin automatic updates starting on May 30, 2014. If you are prompted to update your version of LockDown Browser you MUST update it or you cannot use the software to take a test.

For assistance in updating the LockDown Browser software, please see Respondus LockDown Browser: Run Updates and Take an Exam (PDF).



How do I update my Respondus LockDown Browser software?
If you would like to manually check for an update, click the "information" (i) button on the toolbar, then the "Check for Newer Version" button. If an update is available, information about the update will be displayed. If the current Windows account has administrator access, a "Get Update" button will be displayed. Press the button, wait for the download to complete, and then exit the browser.

You can also download the latest update from the Installation page.
I am using a firewall, content filter, or proxy server, will I have any installation problems?
Firewalls, content filters, proxy servers and software with similar functions, such as Norton Internet Security, can interfere with the installation, updating or operation of Respondus LockDown Browser. The standard setup installer is delivered from or, so HTTP access to these sites is required.
How do I use the Connection Diagnostics program (Windows only)?
If the Windows version of Respondus LockDown Browser is unable to obtain a network connection at startup, a diagnostic tool will begin. Two sets of diagnostics are provided, including a "Network Connection" test and a "Browser Test."

Click the "Network Connection" button to start the first test, which analyzes the network connection, whether a proxy server is being used, if access to Respondus Web servers is being blocked, and other checks. A list of all Windows processes is also displayed at the bottom. If an error or warning is displayed, try to resolve it before running the Browser Test.

When the "Browser Test" button is clicked, an Internet Explorer window will open and go to a browser diagnostic page. The page will display the version number for IE, whether Java/Javascript/Cookies are enabled, and whether a pop-up blocker is running. Try to resolve any errors that are shown.
I rebooted my computer while Respondus LockDown Browser was running. Now the Windows Task Manager is grayed out and can't be used. What do I do?
If a computer is powered down while Respondus LockDown Browser is running, the Windows Task Manager will continue to be blocked when the computer is restarted. To remove the blocking, restart Respondus LockDown Browser and exit the program properly (click "X" in the top right corner). You may need to restart your computer after properly exiting Respondus LockDown Browser for the Task Manager to appear.
I am using AOL and I cannot get the Respondus LockDown Browser to work.
Respondus LockDown Browser will not run when AOL is your default browser. You need to change the default browser to Internet Explorer to use the LockDown Browser. Please follow these steps:
  1. Close AOL and all Internet applications that you have open.
  2. On the Windows Start menu, point to Settings, then click Control Panel.
  3. Double-click the Internet Options (or Internet) icon.
  4. In the Internet Properties window click the Programs tab.
  5. To change your default application for Web pages, select the "Internet Explorer should check to see if it is the default browser" check box.
  6. Click Apply, then click OK.
  7. Start Internet Explorer and when you are asked if you would like to make Internet Explorer your default browser, click Yes.
Can I adjust the font size in the browser?
If the text in the browser is too small or too large, you must adjust the font size of the text in the browser BEFORE starting an assessment. You can adjust the font size from your My SacCT page > My Settings > My Tool Options > Font size. After you complete the assessment, remember to reset the font size from the My SacCT page.
Can I use the zoom feature in the browser to make the web page larger or smaller?
Respondus LockDown Browser does not allow you to use the zoom feature (CTRL+ or CTRL- in Windows, CMD+ or CMD- in Mac) to make everything on the webpage larger. These keyboard shortcuts are disabled.
A link to a document or file in a question does not open the document or file after I click the link.
Links to documents and files, such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, audio, and video files, are blocked from opening in Respondus LockDown Browser.
A link to a web page in a question does not open the web page, or I have trouble with that web page after I click the link.
Links to web pages open in a new window; however, links on the new web page are blocked by the Respondus LockDown Browser. Some web pages, such as a YouTube web page, may not open on a Mac computer.
I want to allow students to use the Windows Calculator during an assessment, how can I do this?
Respondus LockDown Browser does not allow switching to any other applications during the assessment, including the built-in Windows calculator. However, you can activate a calculator in the Respondus LockDown Browser. See the Instructor Quick Start Guide for how to enable the calculator in your assessment.
Who do I contact for support?
If you have questions or problems using the Respondus LockDown Browser software, you should first consult the online help at this site. If you are still unable to resolve your problem, contact the IRT Service Desk during business hours at 916-278-7337 or
LockDown Browser stops responding after you enter SacCT, but before you start the quiz or exam.
Some security pop-up windows may appear behind the LockDown Browser window. These pop-ups require you to click "OK" before taking you to the next SacCT page. Because LockDown Browser will not let you move or resize the window, you cannot get to the pop-up resulting in the browser to stop responding. Thus, the LockDown Browser may display a blank page. Since you have not started the assessment, close the LockDown Browser and click "OK" in the pop-up. Immediately start LockDown Browser and start your quiz or exam.
LockDown Browser stops responding while taking a quiz or exam.
If your computer has multiple Java installations, or you lose your Internet connection while taking an assessment, the LockDown Browser may stop working. If this happens, restart your computer by powering off the computer, wait a minute, and then turn it on again. Start the LockDown Browser and then immmediately exit to reset the Start button options (Windows) or to get the toolbar to reappear (Mac). Start the LockDown Browser again. If the time has not elapsed for your assessment, login to SacCT again and continue taking your assessment. If the time for your assessment has expired, please contact your instructor and explain the situation.


Last updated: August 7, 2014   




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