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Note for Students: The Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) software in SacCT was changed to begin automatic updates starting on May 30, 2014. If you are prompted to update your version of LockDown Browser you MUST update it or you cannot use the software to take a test.

For assistance in updating the LockDown Browser software, please see Respondus LockDown Browser: Run Updates and Take an Exam (PDF).


Issue for Mac users running the latest Java update (1.6.0_31)

There is an issue with Respondus LockDown Browser for Mac users running the latest Java update (1.6.0_31). The problem occurs during the startup of the Mac version of LockDown Browser or when submitting a test, which can cause the software to stop working and freeze your computer. Respondus has resolved the issue and does not expect future versions of Java to cause similar issues. To get the fix from Respondus, you must download and install the full version of LockDown Browser (version from the installation page. The update process within LockDown Browser does not contain the latest fix, so use the link above to get the full version.

Issue with LockDown Browser, Firefox for Mac

If you are a Mac user and your versions of Respondus LockDown Browser and Firefox are crashing, the cause may be a recent update to Java 6 (update 29) for Mac OS X.  We are currently researching the problem and possible solutions.  At this time, you cannot use the LockDown Browser on a Mac computer that has Java 6 (update 29) – you will need to use another computer.  For Firefox users, please use another browser, such as Safari.  We also recommend not installing Java 6 (update 29), if prompted as part of the Apple software update.

Launch the correct browser to take a quiz or exam with LockDown Browser.
If your instructor has told you to take your quiz or exam using the LockDown Browser, or you see the following message on the screen before you start the assessment — "You must complete this assessment in the Respondus LockDown Browser" — then you must use the LockDown Browser software. Be sure you are not using a regular browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. Locate the "LockDown Browser" shortcut on the desktop (or from the Start menu) and double-click it for Windows users, or for Macintosh users, launch "LockDown Browser" from the Applications folder. Remember to always start your assessment from a computer with a wired connection to the Internet, not a wireless connection.
LockDown Browser stops responding after you enter SacCT, but before you start the quiz or exam.
Some security pop-up windows may appear behind the LockDown Browser window. These pop-ups require you to click "OK" before taking you to the next SacCT page. Because LockDown Browser will not let you move or resize the window, you cannot get to the pop-up resulting in the browser to stop responding. Thus, the LockDown Browser may display a blank page. Since you have not started the assessment, close the LockDown Browser and click "OK" in the pop-up. Immediately start LockDown Browser and start your quiz or exam.
LockDown Browser stops responding while taking a quiz or exam.
If your computer has multiple Java installations, or you lose your Internet connection while taking an assessment, the LockDown Browser may stop working. If this happens, restart your computer by powering off the computer, wait a minute, and then turn it on again. Start the LockDown Browser and then immmediately exit to reset the Start button options (Windows) or to get the toolbar to reappear (Mac). Start the LockDown Browser again. If the time has not elapsed for your assessment, login to SacCT again and continue taking your assessment. If the time for your assessment has expired, please contact your instructor and explain the situation.

If you continue to have problems with the LockDown Browser, you may need to uninstall the Java versions on your computer and install the latest version.

Last updated: July 15, 2014