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Media Server

FileZilla on Mac | FileZilla on Windows

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Settings

To connect to the media server with any Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) program, you need the settings shown in the table below.

SFTP Settings for Media Server
Server Name
Your Saclink ID
Your Saclink Password
Your Directory
Refer to the email you received from account administrator

If you need help, Ask a Consultant for assistance.

Upload Files with FileZilla

  1. Start the FileZilla program. If you do not have this free program, you can download it from the FileZilla project site (for Mac and Windows).
  2. From the File menu select Site Manager.
  3. In the Site Manager window, click the New Site button (lower left) and enter a name for your connection, such as media1.
  4. In the General tab, type the following text into the Host box:
  5. In the Port field, enter 22
  6. From the Protocol drop-down menu select SFTP.
  7. From the Logon type drop-down menu select 'Ask for password'.
  8. Type your SacLink ID into the User box, as shown below.

FileZilla site manager window for sftp, general tab

  1. Click the Advanced tab in the Site Manager window.
  2. Type the following text into the 'Default remote directory' box, as shown below, and replace 'usr/saclinkid' with your actual folder name and SacLink ID given to you by the administrator.

FileZilla site manager window for sftp, advanced tab

  1. Click Connect to save your settings and connect to the media server. When prompted, enter your SacLink password.
  2. Click OK to accept the connection key, if prompted.
  3. Use the copy and paste or drag and drop functions to move content from your Local site area (on the left in FileZilla) into your Remote site folder on the media server (on the right in FileZilla).

Last updated: August 12, 2014   




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