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Show your audiences visually what you talk about during your presentations. For example, when you want to relate concepts about a subject matter, or you want to crystallize ideas, PowerPoint has the tools and features for your audiences to visualize information instead of just listen about your discipline.

On the Handouts page, you may download PDF documents with steps to assist you with your PowerPoint presentations. Workshops are offered in PowerPoint 2007. See the training schedule under the heading Upcoming Workshops, on this page, or Ask a consultant for one-on-one assistance.

Why Use PowerPoint?

PowerPoint 2007 is tightly integrated with other Microsoft Office 2007 components. For instance, you can add graphs from Excel in your PowerPoint Presentations. You can also add YouTube videos in your presentations, or use the new Smart Art feature to emphasize bullet points.The new features in PowerPoint 2007 have dynamic themes and templates, which allow you to create presentations fast.

Getting Started

Microsoft Office 2007 is now available for free download for faculty and staff on University owned computers by your department IT. Microsoft Office 2007 is inexpensive at the Hornet Bookstore for your laptop or desktop at home. Below are three features new to Microsoft 2007:

  • Office Button – You will find that the interface now has an Office Button instead of just a File Menu. The Office Button offers visual menu commands for creating, opening, saving, printing and closing content.
  • Ribbon – A Ribbon with tabbed pages of commands and buttons enables you to select commands and apply formatting instead of opening a menu.
  • Context Sensitive Tabs – The Context Sensitive Tabs focus on one particular element selected, such as a graph or chart, to prevent the Ribbon from getting too crowded with tabs.

Last updated: October 28, 2013