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Can I use the Sac State password with the application I downloaded directly from Respondus?
No, the file must be downloaded from the Sac State site.
How do I replace the Equation Editor in Respondus with MathType by Design Science?
If MathType was installed before Respondus, you will need to reinstall MathType in order for it to establish the necessary link to Respondus. MathType searches and establishes its links to programs like Respondus during its own installation and setup. Unfortunately, Respondus is not able to establish this link automatically when Respondus is installed.
How do I update my Respondus software?
The default setting in Respondus is for Respondus to automatically check for updates. If Respondus finds a new update, a dialog box will appear prompting you to update Respondus. If you would like to manually check for an update, click the Help Menu and click Check for Update.
Why won't Respondus accept the new license renewal password that I've entered?
  1. Try entering the new password manually instead of using your computer's copy/paste feature.
  2. You may have an old version of Respondus installed. You may need to re-install Respondus. Go to the Respondus course in SacCT, and try the license information in the Respondus folder. You can also download the latest version of Respondus from this folder.
How can I re-install Respondus or install it on a different computer?
Refer to the "Welcome" email that you received after requesting Respondus. If you have misplaced these instructions, send an email to or go to the Respondus course in SacCT.
How do I import text files?
Respondus is capable of importing plain text documents once they are formatted in a Standard format. The instructions to format and import a text file are available in the Respondus Quick Guide (see the Handouts page).

Last updated: August 6, 2013