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challenge activity

This activity creates a game environment by using multiple choice type questions where one to two players can interact with the game.

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crossword activity

Given a definition or a question the user attempts to fill-in the crossword using the keyboard or letter palete.

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Fact Cards

fact card activity

These are one sided cards that display a fact. Includes a shuffle to reorder the cards.

View Fact Cards

Fill in the Blank

fill in the blank activity

The student is given a question or definition and must fill-in the box to respond. Hints are included to help the student if their answer is not exactly correct.

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Flash Cards

flash card activity

A two sided card where the answer is one side and the term/definition is on the other side.

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matching activity

This is a one answer activity where the student must choose the correct answer from a randomly selected answer bank.

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Pick a letter

pick a letter activity

The student is presented with a question and they must choose the correct answer by selecting letters.

View Pick a letter


quiz activity

A multiple choice type quiz.

View Practice Quiz


Last updated: June 15, 2011