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Demonstration Quiz

View and examples of Demonstaration quiz

Stock question objects, dragged directly from the Toolbook "catalogue," illustrate the variety of options available for interactive quizzes. Be sure to click on the red "Note" box on each page, before you answer the question!

View Demonstration Quiz

Physical Therapy

View and examples ofPhysical Therapy

This example of a concept map is linked from Web CT. Rather than presenting a confusing array of labels and arrows all at once, as in the original Word document, Toolbook allows the student to build and reset any branch of the map as desired.

View Physical Therapy


View and examples ofHematology

Multiple "hotwords" reveal portions of red blood cells on these few microscopic slides. There is an interactive quiz for each slide, including clicking on mapped (hidden) portions of some images.

View Hematology

Bottleneck Theory

View and examples ofbottleneck theory

This one aspect of inventory control is illustrated by multiple sets of animation created with Toolbook.

View Bottleneck Theory

Computer Science

View and examples ofComputer Science

A direct explanation of a concept, designed for presentation by the instructor during class, this application takes advantage of easy "hide-and-show" available in Toolbook. Students also had access to this presentation for review on the web.

View Computer Science


View and examples ofbiology

This collection of microscopic slides allows selection of images to study in groups, by type of epithelium, or randomly from an index. Explanatory text and image highlights accompany each slide.

View Biology

Electrical Engineering

View and examples of Electrical Engineering

This application is complex, and is included to illustrate Toolbook's capacity to track variables and respond to student keyboard entry, in addition to illustrating many other capabilities for rich interactivity.

View Electrical Engineering


Last updated: October 29, 2013