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Video Streaming

Important Announcement

  • iPad is not compatible with old RealPlayer video streaming files at this time.

    The RealPlayer plug-in which plays video streaming content is not available at this time for iPad. It is recommended to use a personal computer, laptop, or one of the campus computer labs for courses which use RealPlayer video streaming files.


Video and audio files that are stored on the campus media server are streamed over the Web and accessed by users either through a link or are embedded in a webpage. Streaming is the process of delivering digital media (video and/or audio) over the Internet. The entire streaming media is not downloaded to your computer as a single file. Rather, it is displayed as it arrives to your computer.

The campus media server supports the following formats.

  • Flash Video (flv)
  • RealMedia (rm, rmvb)
  • QuickTime (mov)
  • Windows Media (wmv)

When you click a link to a audio lecture, video clip or video streaming lecture in a SacCT course or from a Web page, the default media player on your computer for that type of file opens to play the content. Media players can be downloaded from the Get Video Players page.

Audio and video can be used in a course or on a campus website for:

  • Live video streaming
  • Recorded lectures (a.k.a. video archives)
  • Viewing media on another website, e.g. YouTube or TeacherTube.


For information on captioning your videos, please see the Captioning Self-Service page.



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What software do I need to view the video stream?
Typically, you need RealPlayer® software to view RM and RMVB files. The player can be downloaded free from RealNetworks. Players for Windows and Mac are available for free download. Be sure to follow the link labeled FREE Download.

For QuickTime videos (MOV), you need the QuickTime Player.

Additional video players can be found at the Get Video Players link.
I received a navigation error or cannot play in Internet Explorer.
Users of Internet Explorer may receive a navigation error message when trying to view SacCT course content and videos. See this link for the solution.
The video freezes or stops working.
Users accessing video streaming on Windows 7 with RealPlayer 14 may encounter a known issue where the video stream freezes, stalls and/or rebuffs (reloads) continually. To avoid this issue, change your RealPlayer settings to turn off LivePause and Cache on-demand.
  1. Open the RealPlayer options menu (top left).
  2. Click Preferences.
  3. Select "General > Playback Settings".
  4. Uncheck the option "Enable pausing & seeking within live Internet clips…" and "Cache on-demand".
  5. Click Ok.
Problem playing video clips.
See this page if you have RealPlayer video clip problems for detailed solutions.
What if I am still having problems viewing a video streaming class?
How do I caption a video?
For information on captioning your videos, please see the Captioning Self-Service page.


Last updated: August 7, 2014   



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