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Sample Video Streaming Lecture

Try this link to a sample video archive file to be sure your RealPlayer software can stream one of our videos.

If you have difficulty playing the sample video, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

To play RealMedia files (rm, rmvb) you must use RealPlayer. To download the media player visit the ATCS Plug-Ins page.

RealPlayer Controls

RealPlayer Play button
  1. Pause/Play: Click this button to pause the video. The pause button changes to a play button. Click the play button to resume viewing content.  
  2. Stop: Click this button to stop the video. When you click the play button the media will start from the beginning.
  3. Rewind: Click this button to move backward in the media clip.
  4. Forward: Click this button to move forward in the media clip.
  5. Backward/Forward slider: Click the RealOne slider slider button and hold the mouse button down while moving the slider to the left (backward) or to the right (forward).
  6. Volume slider: Click the slider button and hold the mouse button down while moving the slider. For your comfort, adjust the audio settings on your computer to an audible range.

Sample of RealPlayer buttons

Test RealPlayer

You can test your RealPlayer by visiting the Real Guide website ( and clicking a link to a video file (Entertainment, Music or News).

Audio, video, and graphics should play shortly after you begin streaming a file. As RealPlayer plays on your computer, more data is streaming in the background so you can view the content continuously. The content is stored temporarily on your computer and is deleted after viewing it.

While the audio/video is streaming from the Web you might experience a time lapse during downloading. The quality of the streaming will be less than the quality of the original media. The RealPlayer screen is about 4"x3" when initially started (see either Figure 1 or 2 depending on your operating system, Windows or Mac).

realplayer screen for Windows

Figure 1 - RealPlayer Screen for Windows

realplayer screen for Macintosh

Figure 2 - RealPlayer Screen for Mac

Last updated: May 29, 2012