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Faculty may use video streaming in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Video-based eLearning courses
  • Video streamed from within a SacCT course
  • Video streamed from a link on Web page, or
  • Video embedded on a Web page.

Video-Based eLearning Courses

If you are teaching a video-based eLearning course from a campus studio, your class may be streamed live online and lecture archives available to students from your SacCT course. For information on the campus studio emvironment and how to teach in one of our studios, please contact David Phelps (278-5415).

Preparing a Video-Based eLearning Course in SacCT

  1. Use the Self-Service tool to get your courses activated and to enroll students. You can also view the Self-Service Tutorials.
  2. Send your syllabus and course schedule to so that a consultant can prepare an online course schedule in your SacCT course.
  3. Add course material as needed to your course.
  4. If you will limit which students have access to live video streaming lectures, notify us via email at

Additional information on how your SacCT course may look for handling live and archived videos is available at the Video-based eLearning Course in SacCT page.

Video in a SacCT Course or on a Webpage

Please refer to the Faculty Media Server page for more information.


Last updated: April 3, 2014