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Viewing Archived and Live Lectures in a SacCT Course

When students login to a video-based eLearning course in SacCT they may have two links available:

Video Streaming - Used to access a Web-based course schedule with links to the archived lectures. Links become active (available) at 12 p.m. the business day after the lecture was given.

Live Video Streaming - Students should click this icon 5 minutes before the start of their class to view a Live lecture.

These links are usually displayed on a SacCT course's content area called "Video Streaming" on the course's home page, as shown in the image below, but may also appear elsewhere in the course if the instructor has customized the course.

View of video streaming archive and live session from within SacCT 9.1


Archived Lectures

To access the course schedule of archived lectures such as the one shown below, a student can click the Video Streaming link. When archive lectures are ready to be viewed, the link (labeled "real media") becomes active.

video streaming course schedule


Live Lectures

To access a Live lecture, students must have special needs or live outside the cable viewing area and receive permission from their instructor. If they meet this criteria, the Live Video Streaming link will appear in the Video Streaming Content Area. When they click this link, RealPlayer opens to view the video streaming class.

Help Provided within your Course

In video streaming courses, additional help is provided to partcipants within the course's SacCT page. These additional topics are pictured below.

Screenshot of help provided within a SacCT 9.1 course.

Help With Video Streaming - Gives a general overview of what video streaming is and how it affects you. This page also gives a video example of a streamed lecture.

Using RealPlayer - An overview of RealPlayer's controls and how to use them. Also gives instructions on how to test your RealPlayer.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) - List of commonly asked questions regarding video streaming. Including what to do if you receive errors.

Problem Form - If you are unable to resolve a problem you may be having viewing lectures, you can fill out a problem form and receive individual help.

Last updated: July 25, 2014