Students that require to take remediation courses, end up paying up to $24,000 extra in their college careers.

Students that take remediation courses can spend an extra two years in college, and the remediation courses may not count towards college credit. 

You are able to walk-in on the exam day, but spots are not guaranteed, as it is on a first come, first served basis.

Calculators are not permitted during the exam. Refer to the www.csus.edu/testing for additional information on what is and is not permitted on exam day.

You must bring your:

  • Printed admissions ticket
  • Social security number or taxpayer identification number (card is not required)
  • Acceptable identification (visit www.csus.edu/testing for further details)
  • Several Number 2 pencils with erasers. 

No, there is still time to prep yourself for the EPT and ELM exams and avoid remediation. Be sure to visit the practice test websites and take proactive steps to better prepare for the exams. 

No, you are able to take the test on separate days. Sac State recommends that you take the test on different days to give you a better chance to prepare for each exam and not feel overwhelmed. 

Transcripts can be sent by hard copy or electronically if your school has that option. Hard copy transcripts can be mailed directly from the high school or mailed to yourself and sent in so long as it remains in the sealed envelope from the high school. If the envelope is tampered or opened it will become UNOFFICIAL.

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