Dropbox - a file sharing tool

Dropbox allows you to store a very large number of files/folders from your computer (up to 3.25 Gb) into the cloud (offsite servers) and share any number of them with anyone who has an email address. Changes made to shared files/folder are automatically updated such that everyone who is invited to share will always see the current version. For more, see Introduction 

Quick start: 

  1. Go to dropbox and open an account (free): https://www.dropbox.com/home
  2. You will notice a blue box/dropbox icon on your desktop. You can access your box there (or through the web browser link above if you log in).
  3. You can drag and drop most files/documents from your computer into your dropbox and then organize the documents within it into folders. You can invite anyone with an email address to view and edit the contents of a specific folder. Invitations are specific to folders (i.e., invitees cannot see your other folders or their contents).
  4. Enter the dropbox, you will see something like the image below.
  5. Create a folder for files/documents that you want to share: Click the new folder icon (red arrow, below).
  6. Right click on the new folder and select “Invite to folder”  (orange arrow, below).
  7. Enter email addresses of everyone with whom you want to share the contents of this folder (it is just like addressing an email).