Natural Sciences Advising Center (NSAC), Sequoia 238

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Advising Materials

Freshman Orientation PowerPoint Presentation Summer, 2014

Transfer Orientation PowerPoint Presentation Summer, 2014

Orientation Worksheet - Includes time budget and core course equivalents from Community Colleges

Chemistry 1A Diagnostic Exam Sign Up (must be taken before registering for Chem 1A)

Academic Advising Plan - A semester-by-semester grid for planning coursework and events. Units are calculated automatically (pdf version)

BA/BS Flow Chart - Overall view of the BA/BS, showing prerequisites.  Old Chart (before Fall 2011)

BS Concentrations - required and elective courses. Old BS Concentrations (before Fall 2011)

Freshman Schedules - Two examples of student schedules (that differ based on Chemisty)

Course Equivalents - Science courses from regional Community Colleges and UCD that articulate with CSUS courses (Excel)

Electives - by list, including semester offered

Tracking Your MAJOR GPA - Students cannot graduate if their major GPA is too low


Plant and Animal Electives - One of each is required for the BA/BS

Check List - Verify completion of course and unit requirements for the BA/BS

GE Courses in Biological Sciences

Graduation applications are available at the Student Center of My Sac State.