Natural Sciences Advising Center (NSAC), Sequoia 238

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Advising Materials

Freshman Orientation PowerPoint Presentation Summer, 2014

Transfer Orientation PowerPoint Presentation Summer, 2014

Orientation Worksheet - Includes time budget and core course equivalents from Community Colleges

Chemistry 1A Diagnostic Exam Sign Up (must be taken before registering for Chem 1A)

Chemistry Diagnostic Exam Preparation

Academic Advising Plan - A semester-by-semester grid for planning coursework and events. Units are calculated automatically (pdf version)

BA/BS Flow Chart - Overall view of the BA/BS, showing prerequisites.  Old Chart (before Fall 2011)

BS Concentrations - required and elective courses. Old BS Concentrations (before Fall 2011)

Freshman Schedules - Two examples of student schedules (that differ based on Chemisty)

Course Equivalents - Science courses from regional Community Colleges and UCD that articulate with CSUS courses (Excel)

Electives - by list, including semester offered

Tracking Your MAJOR GPA - Students cannot graduate if their major GPA is too low


Plant and Animal Electives - One of each is required for the BA/BS

Check List - Verify completion of course and unit requirements for the BA/BS

GE Courses in Biological Sciences

Graduation applications are available at the Student Center of My Sac State.