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Biological Sciences

Biology Course Webpages

Undergraduate Courses Instructor Syllabus
NSM 21: Freshman Seminar Holland  word
Bio 1: Biodiveristy, Evolution and Ecology Avery
Bio 1: Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology Datwyler  
Bio 2: Cell and Molecular Biology Ballard
Bio 2: Cell and Molecular Biology McDonald  PDF
Bio 7: Introduction to the Science of Biology Rechs  
Bio 9: Our Living World: Evolution, Ecology & Behavior Coleman
Bio 10: Basic Biological Concepts Kavaljian  pdf
Bio 20: Biology A Human Perspective Holland word
Bio 22: Introduction to Human Anatomy Carter  
Bio 25: Anatomy & Physiology I  
Bio 102: Natural History of Plants Baxter  
Bio 103 Kavaljian docx
Bio 121: Cell Physiology Landerholm
Bio 121: Cell Physiology Nguyen  
Bio 122: Advanced Human Anatomy  
Bio 123: Introductory Neuroanatomy Carter  
Bio 124: Clinical Hematology Vines  
Bio 125: Body Fluid Analysis Vines  
Bio 126: Comparative Vertebrate Morphology  
Bio 127: Vertebrate Embryology Landerholm  
Bio 130: Histology Nguyen  
Bio 130: Histology Vines  
Bio 131: Systemic Physiology Lundmark
Bio 131: Systemic Physiology Rechs  
Bio 132: Neurophysiology Rechs  
BIO 139: General Microbiology Gonzalez-Orta
Bio 139: General Microbiology Kirvan
Bio 144: Microbiology Lindgren
BIO 145: Diversity of Microorganisms Gonzalez-Orta link
Bio 149A: Immunology and Serology Nguyen  
Bio 150: Forensic Biology Reams  docx
Bio 160: General Ecology Avery  
Bio 160: General Ecology Baxter
Bio 160: General Ecology Kneitel  
Bio 162: Ichthyology Coleman
Bio 165: Vertebrate Natural History Coleman
Bio 167: Biometrics Kneitel
Bio 168: Mammalogy  
Bio 169: Animal Behavior Coleman
Bio 173: Fisheries Biology Coleman
Bio 180: Advanced Molecular Biology Ewing PolicesLect. SchLab Sch.
Bio 183: Cancer Biology Nguyen  
Bio 184: Genetics Ballard  
Bio 184: Genetics  
Bio 184: Genetics Peavy  
(Bio 185: Molecular and Evolutionary Biology of Sex) Ballard  
Bio 186A: Cell and Molecular Issues Seminar Loo  
Bio 186B: Ecological and Environmental Issues Seminar Coleman pdf
Bio 187; Advanced Cell Biology Landerholm pdf
Bio 188: Evolution Holland pdf
Bio 198A: Honors Proseminar and Research Coleman
Bio 198B: Honors Seminar and Research Coleman  
Graduate Courses    
Bio 214: Advanced Plant Ecology Baxter  
Bio 220: Research Methods Peavy  
Bio 220: Research Methods Nguyen  
Bio 222: Molecular Biology Nguyen  
Bio 223: Human Molecular Genetics Ballard  
Bio 224: Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics Peavy  
Bio 233: Review of Human Gross Anatomy Lancaster  
Bio 260: Population and Community Ecology Kneitel  
Bio 269: Behavioral Ecology Coleman
Bio 273: Advanced Fisheries Coleman
Bio 282: Evolution Holland  
Bio 283: Biogeography Datwyler  
Bio 292: Biological Concepts Coleman
Bio 294F: Seminar Coleman  
Bio 294G: Seminar Dulai  
Bio 294: Seminar in Botany Kneitel