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Biological Sciences

Full-Time Faculty

Full-time Faculty Web Phone
Robin Altman

Altman, Robin

278-2138 S126 Cardiovascular Physiology, Blood-Brain Barrier, Alzheimer's Disease, Cognitive Dysfunction

Avery, William

Web site 278-6279 S412 Community Ecology, Marine Ecology, Invertebrates, and Paleontology

Ballard, Ruth

Web site 278-6535 

S108 (CSI-TRU)

Human Molecular Genetics, DNA Forensics


Baxter, Jim

Web site 278-4047 S306 Plant-Mycorrhizal Interactions, Community Ecology, Biodiversity

Sprowls, Rosalee

Web site 278-7391 S310 Human Anatomy, Electron Microscopy, Neuroscience

Coleman, Ron

Web site 278-3474 H119 Evolutionary Ecology, Behavior, Fishes, Amphibians, Reptiles, Fisheries, Conservation

Crawford, Robert

278-6360 H211D Tales from the microbe-host interface

Datwyler, Shannon - Department Chair 

Web site 278-7276 S202 (Biology Department Office) Reproductive Biology of Plants
Tim Davidson

Tim Davidson 

Faculty Web site

Lab Page

278-4785 Marine ecology, invasive species, environmental science, biological conservation  

Ewing, Nick

Web site 278-6707 S214 Cellular and Molecular Biology
Enid Gonzalez

Gonzalez-Orta, Enid

Web site 278-6438 H211F Microbial Genetics

Holland, Brett

Web site email S120C

Experimental Evolution, Evolutionary Genetics, Sexual Selection, Social Behavior

(BIO 20)


Kirvan, Christine

  278-6438 H211F Infectious Disease, Autoimmunity, and Molecular Mimicry

Kneitel, Jamie

Web site 278-3633 S404 Community Ecology, Food Webs, Metacommunities, Conservation Biology

Landerholm, Tom

Web site 278-6152 H211E Cell and Developmental Biology

Lindgren, Susanne

  278-6152 H211C Microbiology, Prevalence and Pathogenic Mechanisms of Salmonella and E.coli, Vaccine Development, and Biosource Tracking of Bacterial Contaminents in Water
Lundmark Lundmark, Jennifer 
Web site 278-7235 H211C Cardiovascular Physiology; Northmanology
Kelly McDonald

McDonald, Kelly

Assistant Chair

Web site 278-5836 H211C Biology Education, Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
Kimberly Mulligan Mulligan, Kimberly

Faculty Web site

Lab Page

H211E Molecular and Cellular Biology, Cell to Cell Communication, Neurodevelopment and Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Nguyen, Hao

Web site 278-6569 H211D Cell and Molecular Biology; Colon Carcinogenesis

Peavy, Tom

Web site 278-7276 S406 Molecular Genetics
jimmy pitzer

Pitzer, Jimmy

278-6244 S120B

Entomology, Veterinary-Medical Arthropod Pest Ecology and Epidemiology

drew reams

Reams, Andrew (Drew)

Web site 278-7678 S120C Genetics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Experimental Evolution
Rechs Rechs, Adam
Web site 278-6244 S120B Neurophysiology, Digestive Physiology
Michael Wright Wright, Michael
Web site 278-2138 S126 Cellular Neuroscience, Motor Pattern Generation