Impaction of Biological Sciences major at Sacramento State Effective Fall, 2015

The Department of Biological Sciences currently has the highest student-faculty ratio of any surveyed Biology department in the CSU system. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate all prospective undergraduate students and have declared Impaction, beginning Fall, 2015. At this time students will only be accepted on a limited and competitive basis. 

Students wishing to transfer and enter the Biological Sciences major must complete the requirements below PRIOR TO TRANSFER.

Pre-Major Requirements

  1. Completion of all pre-major courses (or their equivalent) with a grade of 'C' or better: BIO 1, CHEM 1 A, BIO 2, STAT 1 and GE Area A2, Written Communication (3 units from ENG 5, 5M, 11, or 11M)

  2. A GPA in the pre-major courses of 2.5 or better

  3. If a student earns less than a 'C' in a pre-major course they may attempt to repeat the course. If so, only their 2nd grade will be used for requirements 1-2. No further attempts will be considered.

  4. Completion of at least 30 units of college course work

Students will be rank ordered according to their GPA across these required courses (not according to their overall GPA).  Beginning at the top of the list, the department will begin accepting students, and will take as many as can be accommodated (depending on graduation and attrition).  Early research indicates the minimum acceptable GPA will be somewhere around 2.7-2.8, depending on the applicant pool.

Q:  What does this mean if I plan to transfer to CSUS as a Biological Sciences major?

A:  You should complete the pre-requisite (required) courses with good grades, and transfer soon afterwards

Q:  Are these requirements new?

A:  Actually, these requirements have been in place for two years already, as part of a “pre-major”; however, with a pre-major, all students who have completed the courses are accepted into the major.  With impaction, not everyone will be accepted.