By-Laws & History

The Black Staff and Faculty Association (BSFA) was established to address the issues and concerns unique to employees at the California State University, Sacramento campus. BSFA strives to create community with all Black Staff, Faculty and Student Organizations


Name of the Organization

The name of the organization shall be the Black Staff and Faculty Association of California State University, Sacramento, hereafter referred to as the 'Association'.


The purpose of the organization shall be:

A. To establish and maintain an adequate line of communication between the Association, California State University, Sacramento Administration and the community;

B. To assert the Association's influence, upon the employment policies regarding Blacks and to ensure an ethnic balance and fair practice on the CSUS campus;

C. To serve as a link to other Black CSUS organizations.



     Section 1: Membership

Any person employed by CSUS shall be eligible for active membership. A member is one whose dues are paid. Paid members are entitled to all rights and privileges of the organization. Non-paid participants cannot hold an office within the general organization or its ad hoc committees nor participate in voting.

     Section 2: Structure

The Association shall be composed of five (5) standing committees and ad hoc committees as needed.

     Section 3: Quorum

Two-thirds (2/3) of the membership in attendance shall constitute a quorum or at least 7 members.

     Section 4: Ad Hoc Meetings

(Shall be held whenever deemed necessary)

     Section 5: Executive Committee

Executive Committee meetings shall be held when properly notified by the President at a minimum of six (6) times per year.


Dues & Banking Procedures

     Section 1: Membership Fee and Method of Payment

  • The dues of the Association shall be set by a simple majority of members voting and the existing dues shall remain in force until they are changed by such a vote.
  • The fiscal year for the Association shall begin on September 1. Any financial action taken shall become effective as of September 1 of the following year.

     Section 2: Banking

The Treasurer and Finance Committee shall determine banking procedures.


Amendment of Constitution and By-Laws

     Section 1: Notification of Amendments

Written notification of proposed changes of amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws must be forwarded to the Association members thirty (30) days prior to a scheduled meeting.

     Section 2: Approval of Amendments/Voting

Two-thirds (2/3) of the membership in attendance is needed to approve an amendment.


Committee Structure

     Section 1: Executive Committee

A. The Executive Committee shall act on behalf of the Association when not in session and in other instances as monitored by the Association.

B. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the elected officers and Chairs of the established committees.

C. The Executive Committee shall have the responsibility of effectively carrying out the approved Constitution for the Black Staff and Faculty Association.

D. The Executive Committee shall be guided by the approved constitution with parliamentary authority derived from Robert's Rules of Order.

     Section 2: Responsibilities

Each Standing Committee shall be composed of a minimum of three members. Each committee shall elect its own Chair and each has the right to solicit and receive input from other members of the organization.

A. Finance Committee:

Shall include the Treasurer;

Shall make recommendations regarding revenue enhancement and expenditure acting through the Chair in concert with the Executive Committee. Voting members shall implement revenue and expenditure proposals.

B. Membership Committee:

Shall prepare and maintain a list of members and potential members of the Association and shall actively recruit new members;

Shall submit updated copies of the active membership to the General Secretary each semester of the academic year to insure accuracy;

Shall develop and maintain duties related to Hospitality;

Shall distribute to the membership a current roster of all current members and shall notify members of any changes thereafter.

C. Grievance Committee:

Shall be the repository for Black Staff and Faculty members grievances, associated with University business and will not be involved in personnel issues;

Shall act through the Chair to report activities to the Executive Committee for assessment and/or action;

Shall monitor and address the verbal and/or written concerns of members and other related tasks to be assigned to the Grievance Committee by the Executive Committee.

D. Program Committee

Shall be responsible for planning, initiating and implementing social, education and cultural programs for the Association.

E. Student Relations Committee

Shall be the repository for student relations i.e., assisting, promoting, initiating, and planning activities for the advancement and cohesiveness of Black students and shall meet with periodically with student group representatives;

Shall act through the Chair in reporting the Committee's activities to the Executive Committee for assessment and action.

     Section 3: Ad Hoc Committee

Each Ad Hoc Committee shall be organized or created by the general membership and/or Executive Committee as deemed necessary, with clear roles and functions. Each Ad Hoc Committee shall elect its own Chair.



The Association officers shall be: President, Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Chairs.

     Section 1: Title and Duties of the Officers

A. President who shall:

  • Be the presiding office of the Association and Chair all meeting of the Executive Committee.
  • Be ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominations Committee.
  • Appoint special committees subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.
  • Call meetings of the Executive Committee whenever such meetings are necessary.
  • Countersign checks drawn on the Association funds.
  • Perform other duties related to the Office of the President.

B. Vice-President who shall:

  • Serve as Executive Committee liaison to committees, as assigned by the President with the approval of the Executive Committee.
  • Succeed to the Office of President in the event of vacancy in the Office of President.
  • Perform other such duties as may be assigned by the President or the Executive Committee.
  • In the absence of the President or the Treasurer, provide the second signature on checks for the disbursement of Association funds.

C. General Secretary who shall:

  • Keep an accurate record of all regular and Executive Committee meetings.
  • Have available at all meetings an up-to-date copy of the Bylaws.
  • Prepare and distribute with procedures, the minutes of all business transacted by the Executive Committee and regular meetings of the Association.
  • Conduct the general correspondence of the Association under the direction of the President, Executive Committee and the membership.
  • Bring to the attention of the membership correspondence received by the Association.
  • Give notice of all special meetings as directed by the President.
  • Maintain a current roster of members and their effective date of membership.
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned by the President or the Executive Committee and shall be the repository of the Association's records.

D. Treasurer who shall:

  • Have custody of all Association funds, making disbursements only as authorized by the membership, by either specific action or by adoption of a budget to be administered by the Executive Committee.
  • Pay all approved bills promptly, by check signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the President or Vice-President.
  • Keep the financial records on a current basis and submit a written financial report at each regular meeting.
  • Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President or the Executive Committee.
  • Be bonded in an amount prescribed by the Executive Committee with the premium paid by the Association.

E. Chairs of Ad Hoc Committees:

  • Serve as a voting member on the Executive Committee.
  • Serve as an adviser to the Executive Committee.
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Committee.


Terms of Services

     Section 1: Terms of Office

A term of office shall not exceed one full year to begin September 1 through August 30 of the following year. President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Chairs shall serve no more than two consecutive elected terms in the same office.

     Section 2: Removal From Office

If any officer of the Association ceases to be in good standing by reason of non-payment of dues, failure to fulfill the duties of his/her office or inappropriate behavior which does not uphold the purposes of the Association, he/she shall be removed by recommendation of the Executive Committee and by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the membership.

     Section 3: Vacancy of Office

In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, the Vice-President shall succeed to the office of the un-expired term. In addition to serving the un-expired term the individual shall continue in the office of President for the following year.

In the event of a vacancy within the first semester in the office of Vice-President, General Secretary or Treasurer, another election within thirty (30) days will be held for replacement. If vacancies occur after that time, the Executive Committee shall appoint from the membership a member to fill that office for the un-expired term, with a simple majority approval by the general membership.

In the event of a vacancy within the first semester in office of a Chair of a committee, the committee shall appoint a member to fill that office for the un-expired term.



     Section 1: Elections

Shall be held in May of each year.

     Section 2: Nomination and Election Procedures

In April an ad hoc committee on Nominations shall serve notice to the membership regarding the nomination and election procedures.

     Section 3: Ballot Procedure

Elections will be conducted by mailed or emailed ballot, or in person.



The Executive Committee shall prepare and mail or email a calendar reflecting the dates of each Association meeting for the academic year.

     Section 1: Association Meetings

Meetings of the total body shall be held once a month on the alternating second Wednesday and Thursday of each month or as deemed by the President.