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February 8, 2010


Fee waiver requests due

The Office of Human Resources is accepting fee waiver requests for fall 2010, and because of limited admission for the fall semester, deadlines have been tightened.

New participants and participants who have not enrolled in courses for more than two semesters must complete a certificate of eligibility. The form is available at

Deadlines for new participants are:

  • March 22 - Deadline for submission of Certificate of Eligibility for fall 2010
  • April 9 - Deadline for submission of completed fall 2010 Fee Waiver forms and all supplemental documents

Once eligibility is established, the appropriate fee waiver forms will be sent to requesters along with instructions for applying to the University. Requesters will be notified of eligibility within five working days. 

Deadlines for continuing participants are:

Forms must be submitted to Kim Harrington, Human Resources Professional Development, Sacramento Hall (campus zip 6032) for processing and approval.

For more information about the program, e-mail Professional Development and Training at


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