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February 22, 2010


The Campus Community

Photo: Jing Wang
Jing Wang

There are many offices, laboratories and shops at Sacramento State. Each one plays a unique role in supporting the University and its programs. We talked with Jing Wang of the University’s Office of Institutional Research.  

What is the primary function of your office?

We help enhance University effectiveness by supplying information and research in support of planning and budgeting, assessment, accreditation, policy formation and decision making.

How does your office accomplish its goals?

We collect and manage data of students, faculty and staff from a campus-wide electronic database and by conducting various surveys. We generate special research and policy analyses based on historical data of the university and comparative data nation-wide.

How does your office help support the campus?

We provide support in a number of ways. For instance, we create and publish annual University and Departmental fact books that provide comprehensive information regarding student characteristics, enrollment, academic performance and degrees awarded. The fact books are a very useful source for assessment and accreditation.

We also collect, analyze and submit information relevant to the Academic Planning Database to the Chancellor's Office and generate faculty workload reports based on this data. These reports display the instructional personnel cost, the teaching assignment and workload for each faculty member as well as the faculty and student full-time equivalent. Those reports are used by Sac State and the Chancellor’s Office to support planning and budgeting.   

Has that mission changed over the years?
Although our core responsibility as a reliable data source has remained the same, we now conduct more sophisticated analyses and research projects for University management that goes beyond just crunching numbers.  We also have become more customer-oriented by responding to numerous Ad Hoc requests from the campus community.

What is one of the most important achievements of your office?

As the Provost has mentioned on several occasions, our campus has experienced a shift in culture towards evidence-based decision making. Our office plays a major role in support of that process. 

How many people work in your office?

Our staff consists of a director, a programmer, three research analysts and an administrative support coordinator. We also employ two student workers.

Where are you located?

We’re located on the second floor of Sacramento Hall in room 250.



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