High honor--students chosen to present
research at CSU Conference

Three Sacramento State students will showcase their research at the California State University Honors Consortium Conference on March 3 at Fresno State.

Nicole Kontos, Keith Leggett and Jesus Lopez will be among the 31 CSU students presenting. This is the first time that Sacramento State's Honors Program, established in fall 2006, will be represented.

The Honors Consortium Conference highlights the work of honors students from nine CSU campuses. Students have 15 minutes in which to present papers and/or artwork on topics such as political issues, the media, science, culture and higher education. There is even a category titled "Waiting for Godot." At the conclusion of each presentation, students discuss the social relevance of these topics and participate in a dialogue about their research.

"This is an excellent opportunity to meet with other honors students, directors and faculty in the CSU system," says Roberto Pomo, director of the Honors Program at Sacramento State. "And, our students will gain valuable first-hand experience in delivering a paper at a major conference."

Jesus Lopez will deliver a paper titled, "Discrepancies in Student Aid Should Prompt Reform." In it he discusses the intended goals of financial aid for higher education and why it may be necessary to restructure the system to achieve equity for those who need it most.

The title of Nicole Kontos' presentation is "That Summer." This work is a personal narrative about a life changing experience, an epiphany that has shaped who she is today.

In lieu of a paper, Keith Leggett's work, titled "A Day That Will Live in Infamy," is a video presentation on Pearl Harbor. The purpose of the piece is to provoke interest and emotion on the subject of Pearl Harbor by utilizing a combination of graphic images and expressive music. Using video and sound editing technology, he has created a montage of clips from the motion picture, Pearl Harbor, and supplemented a soundtrack in the background.

Additional information about the Sacramento State Honors Program can be found at www.csus.edu/honorsprogram or by contacting the office at 278-2804.