May 8, 2006
Sacramento State Bulletin

On the Job with the Ticket Office

The Bulletin spoke with Scott Gephart, manager of the Sacramento State Ticket Office.

What do people think you do?
"People think that we sell tickets to all Sac State events. And some think that we sell parking passes. People also think that we're the operator, since we get a lot of calls from people wanting to be transferred to another department."

What do you really do?
"We sell tickets to Sac State events and we are also a outlet. Being a outlet, we are able to sell patrons tickets to other events in the area like shows at the Memorial Auditorium and Community Theatre. We also sell discount tickets to Universal Studios, Marine World and Great America. Plus, we're very good at giving directions to the parking pass machines."

Describe your office.
"We have a cozy little office outside of the Student Union near Burger King on the first floor. We are open Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. while classes are in session and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the breaks. We also have satellite offices in other buildings that we use to sell tickets and distribute Will Call tickets."

What surprises people?
"That we sell tickets for venues other than just Sac State events and that we sell discount tickets to some theme parks as well."

What is your biggest challenge?
"Getting the word out that we sell tickets for the other venues and getting students to purchase their tickets early. They get so upset when we're sold out on the night of some performances, but there's nothing we can do. If it's sold out, it's sold out."

What do you get asked the most?
"Can you hook me up with some free tickets?”
"Do you sell parking passes here?"
"Do you still have tickets for…?"



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