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September 12, 2005

Campus welcomes students displaced by hurricane

Photo: Displaced by Hurricane Katrina, transfer student Sabrina Bownes, left, works on her class schedule Wednesday with Miguel Molina, associate director of Admissions and Records at Sac State.
Displaced by Hurricane Katrina, transfer student Sabrina Bownes works on her class schedule Wednesday with Miguel Molina, associate director of Admissions and Records at Sac State.

Sacramento State raising funds for newest
   students – those displaced by Katrina

Campus pitches in to help hurricane victims
CSU opens doors to students affected by hurricane

Governor Call to Californians
Red Cross
CSU Aids Students Affected by Hurricane Katrina
Sacramento State hurricane relief and related    information

Sacramento State is opening its doors for students forced to flee the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Last week, even as faculty, staff and students were organizing fund drives and offering assistance on a personal level, Sacramento State began enrolling displaced students. An intense effort was underway to quickly guide them through admissions, financial aid, and advising processes so that they could get into classes.

Sacramento State has also kicked of an effort to raise funds specifically for the displaced students.

By Friday, 18 students had been admitted. Seven had enrolled in classes, and most of the others were actively seeking open class sections.

“In assisting these students, Sacramento State is taking part in an extraordinary relief effort ,” said Sacramento State President Alexander Gonzalez. “All over the country, organizations and individuals are finding ways to help, and we should all be proud of what this University has been able to do.”

“We’re trying to ensure these students don’t have any additional stress. We’re removing obstacles and getting them taken care of,” says Miguel Molina, associate director of Admissions and Records, who is assisting with the effort. “The reality of what is happening here is really nice. It feels good.”

Most of the students are originally from the Sacramento area, and have returned to live with family, though at least one was looking for housing late last week. They come from Gulf Coast universities that include Xavier, Dillard,Tulane, University of New Orleans, and Southern University.

The enrollments followed a CSU systemwide offer the week before to take in displaced students without the usual paperwork and testing requirements, and without the usual out-of-state fees for non-California residents.

At Sacramento State, application fees are being waived for the displaced students. Many are being admitted with a deferment of fees, and they’re getting one-on-one meetings with admissions and financial aid counselors.

They are also given a letter indicating their status to show professors as they try to sign up for classes.

Meanwhile, students and faculty at Sacramento State have joined the relief effort to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The California Faculty Association is accepting donations for the Red Cross. Checks made payable to the Red Cross or the Union Community Fund can be dropped off at the CFA office in Brighton Hall Room 106. For more information, contact the association at 278-6196.

Several student groups are banding together to raise funds for the Red Cross as well. A “Five for Life” coin drive is underway with participants being asked to give in quantities of five: five cents, five dollars, $50, etc. The students have set a goal to raise $10,000.

Students collected funds during Welcome Week activities last week on campus and will continue to at other events during the semester. Contributions, made out to the American Red Cross, can also be dropped off at the Students Activities office on the second floor of the University Union. For more information, call Student Activities at 278-6595.

Information about admission to a CSU campus for students displaced by the hurricane is at or (562) 951-4727.

For more about the CSU system’s efforts, visit For updates about Sacramento State efforts, visit


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