Updated homepage coming this week

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Sacramento State’s homepage gets a new look later this week. It is part of ongoing enhancements to the University’s website that also includes new secondary pages, student recruitment pages and more. The new homepage is more consistent with the best contemporary university website design, with flashier content and graphics, extensive links to popular content, and will include constantly updated news and events information.

The enhanced homepage is designed to work well with web templates that were introduced in fall 2005. In addition, an enhanced set of design templates is now available on request from Public Affairs and will soon be online at www.csus.edu/web.

The new design incorporates feedback that the existing homepage is not sufficiently engaging and does not provide enough “depth” of information. Public Affairs along with University Computing and Communications Services conducted an extensive review of best-practices at other universities, and reviewed statistics of actual web usage in order to determine features and hierarchy for the new page.

Comments on the new design are welcome at infodesk@csus.edu.