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Sept. 26, 2011


Professional Activities


Thomas Knutson,
Communication Studies, has been appointed to the International Steering Committee of the International Conference on Learning Innovation in Science and Technology. The conference, titled "Learning Innovation and Technology in the 21st Century," will be held Feb. 29 to March 2 in Phuket, Thailand. Those interested in contributing research papers encompassing performance evaluation, design implementation, classroom experimentation and conceptual analysis should contact Knutson at 278-6941. Knutson also has two books in press, A Comparison of Eagles and Elephants: Thai and American Communication Behavior and Teaching in Thailand: A Practical Guide for Expat Teachers and Trainers, scheduled for release later this year.

Nick Trujillo,
Communication Studies, published a co-authored article in Qualitative Inquiry titled "Performing Mythic Identity: An Analysis and Critique of 'The Ethnogs.' " The article is based on Trujillo's participation in a mythical band called "The Ethnogs." Trujillo's alter ego, "Gory Bateson," has also released a CD, titled "Is That Viral Enuf 4 U?" that is available on iTunes. One song from the CD, "Road Rage," was featured on the public radio show "Car Talk."


Sam Borstein,
undergraduate in Biological Sciences, gave two talks this summer about his undergraduate research project, funded by an NSM SURE Award. On July 9, at the Pacific Coast Cichlid Association in San Jose, along with his supervisor, Ronald Coleman, he gave a presentation titled "Current Fish Research at Sacramento State." On Aug. 5, he presented "All About Archocentrus Cichlids" to the Ohio Cichlid Association in Cleveland.


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