October 16, 2006
Sacramento State Bulletin

Higher education bond on upcoming ballot

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Voters in Sacramento and across the state will go to the polls to vote on Nov. 7. Among numerous candidates and measures they will be asked to consider will be Proposition 1D, the Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2006.

Passage of Prop. 1D would allow the state to sell $10.4 billion in general obligation bonds. K-12 school facilities would receive $7.3 billion, and higher education facilities would receive $3.1 billion.

If approved, the $3.1 billion for higher education facilities would be used to repair and upgrade existing public college and university buildings and to build new classrooms to accommodate the growing college student enrollment in California.

The measure would allocate $1.5 billion to the California Community Colleges, $890 million to the University of California system and $690 million to the California State University system.

For Sacramento State, approval of the proposition would mean about $6.8 million to fund minor capital outlay and capital renewal projects.

While there is no organized opposition to Prop. 1D at this time, some have voiced concern about the cost of the bond for the state, the variety of new programs funded, and the fact that it is designed to fund only two years of need.

Proponents argue that Prop. 1D is a fiscally responsible way to finance school repair and construction, makes schools earthquake-safe and incurs debt that the state can afford now.

For more information about the bond as well as arguments for and against the measure, visit, click on the "Voter Information Guide" button and scroll down to "Prop 1-D." Additional information is available at the CSU Chancellor’s Office website at



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