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October 25, 2010


Scott Gordon
Professor of Computer Science

Photo: Scott Gordon
Scott Gordon


Area of expertise?

Artificial intelligence.

Educational background?

I received my bachelor’s and master’s here at Sacramento State and my doctorate at Colorado State University.  All are in computer science.

What’s your music preference?

I listen to a lot of jazz. The CD in my car right now is John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps.” The CD playing in my office recently was some C.P.E. Bach concertos.

Favorite book?

I just finished reading The Eight by Katherine Neville. But, my favorite book is probably The Money Player, an autobiography of a ping pong hustler.

Favorite city to visit?

Too many to list them all, but San Francisco, New York, and Rome are up there.

Who most influenced you to become a teacher?
My father recently retired from St. Francis High School in Sacramento. If I can be half the teacher he was, I would be proud.


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