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November 2, 2009


Eugene Lozano Jr.
Disability management counselor/access specialist
Services to Students with Disabilities

Photo: Eugene Lozano Jr.
Eugene Lozano Jr.

Eugene Lozano Jr. has worked at Sacramento State since 1976. He says there have been many changes on the campus during that time and greater access for disabled students. But, he adds, there is still a ways to go. “Change often comes with new needs. For instance, there is new technology in the classrooms, but that brings new accesibility challenges not only for disabled students, but instructors who may have a disability.”

In 1991, in response to blind students concerns about getting lost on campus, Gene worked with an orientation mobility specialist and used the guide strip design he developed for county roads to create the yellow guide strip system used on Sac State walkways. “Students still tell me they like having them and that they would like to get more in other places on campus.”

In 1988, with Gene’s advocacy, the County Department of Transportation created a permanent line item in its budget to set aside funds for accessibility projects including installing curb ramps and accessible pedestrian signals on the county roads.

“When I tell people that I’ve never been paid for any of these things -- no compensation, no royalties, no patents -- they can’t believe that somebody would do all that work just purely out of passion, just for the satisfaction of seeing something implemented.”



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