June 18, 2007
Sacramento State Bulletin

Campus Announcements

Office of Community Collaboration renamed
The Office of Community Collaboration is changing its name to Community Engagement Center, effective immediately. The name change was approved after appropriate consultation with those affiliated with community and service learning programs, as well as the Faculty Senate. 

The Office of Community Collaboration was established in 1997 to function as a central point of connection for faculty, students and community. In the past 10 years, the office has effectively engaged faculty, students and community partners through service learning, civic learning, and other community service programs. The Community Engagement Center will continue the successful programs and further highlight the valuable roles Sacramento State plays in the region.
Submitted by Academic Affairs

Business graduate programs information session
The College of Business Administration will host an information session for all business graduate programs on Wednesday, June 27, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Alumni Center. A faculty representative from each of the programs will provide a program overview and conduct a question-and-answer session. Free parking and refreshments will also be provided for this event. To reserve a seat, register online at For more information, contact the College of Business Administration at 278-6772.
Submitted by the College of Business Administration

Human Resources

California Whistleblower Protection Act
California Government Code Section 8548 requires the CSU to inform their employees of the California Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA Government Code Section 8547 et seq.). Pursuant to this section of the government code, the University is required to distribute electronically the State Auditor's written explanation of the California Whistleblower Protection Act.  This was done on June 7, 2007. 

David Wagner, Vice President for Human Resources, has been designated as the person on this campus to receive protected disclosures and answer questions about these policies. Wagner can be reached at 278-6078, via e-mail at, or through campus mail using zip code 6032. The statutorily-required notice from the State Auditor can be found at:

In addition, this notice has been posted on the following campus bulletin boards designated for “Employee Organizations Only”: 


  • Alpine , Jody Gayvert, Next to Room 121
  • Amador , Tara Bennie, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors
  • Brighton, Sharon Jordan, Next to Room 106, next to Room 121, and between Rooms 118 and 124 (across from Room 121)
  • Calaveras, Elaine Maeda, Across from Room 115
  • Capistrano, Shea Grimm, Across from Room 111 and across from elevator on 3rd floor
  • Douglas , Maggie Fuchs, Next to Rooms 106 and 106A
  • El Dorado, Nancy Beers, Room 1025
  • Eureka, Katy Romo, 2nd floor, Room 205 (next to Room 204 – Staff/Faculty Lounge)
  • Facilities Management, Mark Leisz, Office on south wall of Room 101D (Break room)
  • Foley, Nancy Fox, Across from Room 105
  • Kadema , Brenda Strong, Between Rooms 145 and 145A
  • Humboldt , Carlyn Pollock, Next to Room 116
  • Lassen,Lupe Lopez, Next to Room 1003 and next to Room 3000 (Staff Break room)
  • Library, Lillie Jones, Room 5009 (Staff Lounge)
  • Mariposa, Angel Thayer, 1st and 3rd floors across from elevators
  • Mendocino, Maggie Fuchs, 1st floor (across from elevator south wall) and 3rd floor (across from Room 3006)
  • Napa, Manuela McClary, Staff Bulletin Board
  • Placer, Stacy Sinz, 1st floor, down main hallway to left
  • Public Service Building,Suzanne Bracamonte, Near Room 3
  • Reprographics, Michael Kalstein, Breakroom
  • Mailroom, Richard Filson, South wall
  • Riverside, Denise Anderson, 1st and 3rd floors across from elevators
  • Santa Clara, Denise Anderson, Breezeway between 1100 and 1200 wings
  • Sacramento, Elizabeth Redmond, Next to Room 169
  • Sequoia, Carlyn Pollock, 2nd and 5th floors across from elevators
  • Shasta, Andie Cool, Downstairs to left across from Room 117
  • Sierra, Cynthia Cockrill, Left wall (behind counter)
  • Solano, Evelyn Novak, 2nd floor across from Room E2000 and 4th floor across from Room E4000
  • Student Health Center, Bonnie Smith, 2nd floor breakroom – Room 227
  • Tahoe, Thomas Matlock, Room 1023 (Mailroom)
  • University Union , Leslie Davis, By time clock in receiving dock area/by catering office
  • Yosemite, Martinique Baker, Between Rooms 155 and 157

Submitted by Human Resources

Catastrophic leave donation program
Sacramento State employees may voluntarily donate to other employees up to a maximum of 16 hours of sick or vacation leave credits each fiscal year in one-hour increments. CSUEU, MPP, Unit 4, Unit 6 and Confidential employees may donate up to a maximum of 40 hours per fiscal year.
If employees are interested in donating time, a donation form can be obtained by going to, or by visiting the Human Resources, Disability Leaves Office in Sacramento Hall 162, or by calling extension 83522.
The following employees have been approved for the Catastrophic Leave Donation Program:

Sheila Arreguy, College of Continuing Education
Kristin Abundis, College of Education
Sharla Cook, Criminal Justice
Annette Reed, Ethnic Studies
Submitted by Human Resources


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