July 21, 2008
Sacramento State Bulletin

Campus Announcements

Emergency evacuation drill
The Public Safety office will conduct an emergency evacuation drill on Tuesday, July 22 for the following buildings:

Amador Hall
Child Care Center
Eureka Hall
Lassen Hall
Library (I & II)
Riverside Hall
Santa Clara Hall
Tahoe Hall

Employees who are not housed in the above-listed buildings will not take part in the drill.
The University’s new Emergency Notification System (ENS) will be used to notify the building coordinator teams (building coordinator, primary contact, floor marshals, alternates and other designees) who will utilize their building evacuation plans to evacuate their buildings until they receive an “All Clear” message. There will be a debriefing on the exercise in August or September.
Submitted by Public Safety

Sacramento State’s digital sign to go live July 31
Sacramento State’s digital sign on Highway 50 will become operational July 31, raising the University’s visibility and providing it with much-needed revenue. Up to eight messages will be displayed every 64 seconds, and Sacramento State will have one of those eight-second messages in each lineup to promote the University and its events.

Located on University property where Highway 50 crosses Folsom Boulevard, the sign is owned, operated and maintained by Clear Channel Outdoors.

The message board is 48 feet wide, 14 feet high and features state-of-the-art LED technology that eliminates glare and light leakage and continuously adjusts its brightness for varying ambient day, night and weather conditions.

For more information about the digital sign, visit
Submitted by University Enterprises

University Enterprises offices move
University Enterprises administration personnel are scheduled to re-locate into the third floor of the new Hornet Bookstore building during the week of July 21. The move for the majority of operations will take place Wednesday through Friday, July 23-25. During that time, the administration office hours will be disrupted and some services may be intermittent. If you experience a problem reaching an individual office, call the main office number at 278-7001. The UEI administration offices will be open in the new location on Monday, July 28.
Submitted by University Enterprises

Human Resources

Catastrophic Leave
Sacramento State employees may voluntarily donate to other employees up to a maximum of 40 hours of sick or vacation leave credits each fiscal year in one-hour increments. Bargaining Units 1, 8, 10 and 11 may only donate up to 16 hours per fiscal year. If employees are interested in donating time, a donation form can be obtained at, or by visiting the Human Resources Disability Leaves office in Sacramento Hall 162, or by calling 278-3522.

The following employees have been approved for the Catastrophic Leave Donation Program:
Mary Ann Alvarez, Nursing
Steve Borden, Facilities Services
Mike Flores, Facilities Management
Nancy Hackbart, Career Center
Carolyn Ann Hollahan, Academic Information Resource Center
Sharon Kelley, Academic Information Resources Center
*Christine Kellerman, College of Health & Human Services

*only vacation credits may be donated to this employee


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