Confirmation and Assignment Information

Confirmation and Assignment Informationnew email image

When applicants are confirmed to a space in the residence halls, they will receive written confirmation via the students email account. The Housing and Residential Life Office will communicate primarily through the student’s Sacramento State email account.  Confirmation will be after the student has completed their housing application and made appropriate payments, and appropriate space is available.  

Applicants for the academic year will have the opportunity to select a room space and potential roommate/suitemate during a later phase of the application process.  If applicants choose not to self-select a room space, or roommate/suitemates, the Housing and Residential Life Office will assign them.  New applicants for the spring semester will be automatically assigned to available open spaces by the Housing and Residential Life Office.  Finalized room and roommate information will be available for the applicants in late July or early August and for new Spring applicants in January.