Television Services: Tivo

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Programming your TIVO: Programming instructions for customers utilizing the following model TiVo units: Series 2 (single tuner), Series 3, TiVo HD DVR and Premier.

Instructions may be slightly different between models.

A. Guided Setup for All Channels

1)      With TiVo unit powered “on” remove the Cable Card from the TiVo unit if available;

2)      Press the “TiVo” button on the remote and arrow down to the “Read New Messages and Settings” tab, highlight and press “select”;

3)      Arrow down to “Restart or Reset Setup” highlight and press “select”;

4)      Arrow down to “Repeat Guided Setup” highlight and press “select”;

5)      You will now receive a “Warning” and must press the thumbs down button “3 times”, then the “ENTER” button (not the select button);

6)      Now you will enter your five digit zip code, now press “select”;

7)      Arrow down to “cable only”, highlight and press “select”;

8)      You will receive a message “Cable Card”, arrow down to “continue” and press “select”;

9)      Now you will set up your internet connection, choose internet or telephone (depending on your format) then press “select”;

10)   Input your settings based upon your selection of the previous step;

11)   “You will now connect to TIVO” press “select”;

12)   After loading is complete, press “select”;

13)   “Cable Provider” arrow down to your school, and press “select”;

14)   “Premiums” arrow to “no” and press “select”;

15)   “Your channels are now setup” press “select”;

16)   “Network Connections” press select to “start”;

17)   When download is complete, press “select”;

18)   “Program Info Received” press “select”;

19)   You will now receive a “Congratulations” message, press the “TiVo” button to resume normal function.

B. Tuning Missing Digital /HD Channels

1)      Press the “TiVo” button on the remote;

2)      Arrow to “Read New Messages and Settings” press “select”;

3)      Arrow to “Settings” and press “select”;

4)      Arrow to “Channels Select” and press “select”;

5)      Arrow to “Channel Scan” and press “select”;

6)      “Channel Scanning” Arrow to “Scan for Channels” and press “select”;

7)      You will now receive a “warning” highlight “OK” and press “select”. (This step will take approximately 15-20 Min to complete);

8)      Once completed press “select”;

9)      Arrow to “Add New Channel to Channel List” press “select”;

10)  Arrow to “channel List” press “select”;

11)  Arrow down through the list pressing “select” on all grayed out channels turning them yellow with a check mark. Go to the bottom of the list ensuring you have checked all grayed out channels;

12)  Arrow to the right to “Done” and press “select”;

13)  Now press the LIVE TV button. You have finished the programming process.