General Tips and Hints

Browse for Roommates – Opened April 3rd

  • Browse roommate profiles
  • Make/accept roommate offers.

Roommate offers must be accepted to be MUTUAL.

  • Only accepted offers link applicants for roommate requests.
    • Example:  If Bob, Larry, Curly, Jerry and Steve want to be roommates, they must all offer and accept each other‘s roommate requests on-line. 

Room Selection Participation

  • Must have submitted 14/15 housing application and paid $175 initial payment.
  • Must meet deadlines and be current on payments to have the opportunity to place yourself in a bed space and also pull in eligible roommates also if space is available.

Have options in mind

  • Prioritize your room type choices, etc.  If your first option of room is not available when it is your turn to make a selection, have other options ready to consider. 
  • Make sure to talk to roommates about your priorities.

Communicate!  Communicate!  Communicate! With Each Other

  •  Make sure everyone is agreed on types of rooms, building preferences, everyone has completed applications & made payments so they remain eligible. 
  • Remind each other of deadlines.  Keep each other on track. 
  • If your housing plans change, remember to tell your confirmed roommates!

Various time periods for different parts of room selection process  - (See Timelines).