Join the O-Team

Visit us in Lassen 1010 or during one of our information table sessions.

9/29/14 Lassen Hall 

10/1/14 Lassen Hall 

10/2/14 Union Lobby

10/8/14 Library Quad
10:30am- 11:30am

10/15/14 American River Court Yard
7:00pm - 9:00pm

10/17/14 Hornet Bookstore

10/20/14 Hornet Bookstore
Contact Us
Morgan Dodds Andrew Shaw 916-278-5082
  • Current Sac State student
  • 2.7 GPA
  • Good academic standing
  • Positive attitude
  • If selected for the position, students will be required to attend 3-unit training class on Wednesday nights (5:30-8:20pm) during the Spring 2015 semester.

Interested in working for New Student Orientation?

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Be a part of the O-Team

Students looking for leadership opportunities can apply for a position working for New Student Orientation during the summer.

 Orientation Leader Application Process-New Leader Candidate

  • September 29: Orientation Leader applications available. DOWNLOAD APPLICATION HERE  (Opens in a Microsoft Word document)
  • October 24: Orientation Leader application deadline. Submit to Lassen Hall 1010 by 5:00pm and sign-up for group interview
  • October - November: Group interviews take place
  • November: Individual interviews for qualified applicants
  • Week of December 1: Applicants will be selected for Orientation Leader positions

Orientation Leader Application Process-Returning Orientation Leaders

  • September 29 thru October10: Orientation Leader applications available - DOWNLOAD APPLICATION HERE
  • October 10: Orientation Leader application deadline. Submit to Lassen Hall 1010 by 5:00pm
  • October 6 -16: Individual interviews

Reservation Specialist

   The Reservation Specialist position is an opportunity to work in the Orientation Office preparing orientation materials, answering phone calls and assisting students with their reservation. This position is part-time during the month of April and May and increases to full-time during the summer.  Check back for more information on this position in December or early January.


  • Provide excellent customer service via phone, email, or in person interaction.
  • Represent Sac State to new students and their parents
  • Processing orientation reservations and confirmations
  • Serve as a resource regarding campus information
  • Lead campus tours
  • Facilitate group activities during the FROSH Night program
  • Assist orientation leaders during registration

Reservations Coordinator

The Reservations Coordinator is responsible for coordinating 10,000 student and 3,000 parent/guest reservations each year.  During each Orientation session, the reservations coordinator assigns students to orientation leader groups and troubleshoots problems during check-in. In addition, the coordinator provides customer service to student/parents via phone calls and emails. This position requires a candidate who is detailed orientated. The responsibilities include:

  • Organize daily new student groups and check-in lists
  • Set-up online reservations system and maintain attendance numbers
  • Provide excellent customer service via phone, email, or in person interaction
  • Process reservations requests and payments
  • Serve as a resource regarding campus information
  • Assist with orientation planning
  • Edit the New Student Orientation website