First Year Orientation


"After attending Sac State's Orientation I felt that I was not only happily welcomed into this new community, but also that I had made a great decision in choosing a school that will help me become successful. It was also a great way to make connections."

-Nichaele Watson, Freshman


Session A:  (Summer Bridge)

Session B:  June 30-July 1

Session C:  July 6-7

Session D:  July 8-9

Session E:  July 10-11

Session F:  July 14-15

Session G:  July 16-17

Session H:  July 20-21

Session I:  July 22-23

Session J:  July 24-25

Session K:  July 28-29

Session L:  July 30-31

Session M:  August 3-4

Orientation Dates

Students attend Orientation based on their major of interest - see dates listed below. CLICK HERE for directions on how to sign up for Orientation via the student's My Sac State. 

First Year Orientation will take place June 30 thru August 4, 2015.

Anthropology Session G
Art Session G
Asian Studies Session G
Athletic Training See Kinesiology
Biological Sciences Session C, F, K or M
Business (Expressed Interest) Session C, E, G, L or M
Chemistry Session C or F
Child Development Session H or K
Civil Engineering* Session D, G or K
Communication Studies Session H or I
Computer Engineering* Session C or F
Computer Science* Session B, D or F
Construction Management* Session G
Criminal Justice (Expressed Interest) Session B, E, J or K
Dance Session H
Deaf Studies Session I
Economics Session H
Electrical Engineering* Session D or G
English Session E
Environmental Studies Session K
Ethnic Studies Session D
Family and Consumer Sciences Session H
Film Studies Session I
French Session I
Geography Session I
Geology Session F
Gerontology Session I
Government Session H
Graphic Design* Session G
Health Science## (Expressed Interest) Session B
History Session H
Humanities & Religious Studies Session D
Interior Design* Session G
Journalism Session H or I
Kinesiology Session E, I or L
Liberal Studies# Session B or D
Mathematics Session F
Mechanical Engineering* Session D, G or K
Music Session G
Nursing (Expressed Interest) Session D, H, I, L or M
Philosophy Session D
Photography Session G
Physics Session F
Psychology (Expressed Interest) Session B, I or L
Recreation, Parks, Tourism Administration Session B
Social Science Session J
Social Work Session J
Sociology Session J
Spanish Session J
Speech Pathology & Audiology Session J
Theatre Session H
Undeclared Session B, C, E, F, J or M
Women's Studies Session D

* Indicates pre-major

#Liberal Studies is a major preparing students for elementary education teaching. IT IS NOT A LIBERAL ARTS DEGREE.

##Health Science is a major preparing students for careers in fields of Public Health. IT IS NOT AN ALLIED HEALTH NOR A PRE-MED DEGREE.