Orientation Reservations

New students enrolling in Fall 2017 will attend Orientation in June - early August 2017. Orientation sessions are based on the student's major. Reservations are processed online via your MySacState account.  Students who do not attend Orientation will not be permitted to enroll this Fall.

Registration for Orientation will begin early April 1, 2017.

The deadline to sign up for Orientation for transfer students is May 19, 2017
The deadline to sign up for Orientation for first year students is June 16, 2017

Step One: Accept Admissions

Step Two: Before you can register for Orientation, Admissions will need to verify information regarding transcripts (transfer students) or ELM/EPT requirement (first year students). For details, check the Admissions website.

Step Three: Log into MySacState

Step Four: Click STUDENT CENTER in the center of the page.

Step Five: Click New Student Orientation on the lower left side of the page and follow the directions.

Orientation sessions are based on the student's major. If a student’s major of interest has changed since he or she applied to Sac State, the student should select an orientation date based on his or her new major of interest. If a student needs to officially change their major, he or she can discuss that with an advisor during major advising.

Step Six: Confirm your reservation, and make note of how to pay your orientation fee and print your parking permit (see below). Students will receive an email confirmation of their reservation.

Orientation Program Fees:
First Year Orientation

  • Students: $80*
  • Parent/Guest: $53/person
  • F.R.O.S.H. Night $53(students only)

Transfer Orientation

  • Students $60*
  • Parent/Guest $53/person

Fees for Orientation cover the cost of staffing, parking, refreshments and program materials. Financial aid does not apply to Orientation fees.

Paying Orientation Fees

Pay online OR by sending a check or money order with a copy of your confirmation page to: Sacramento State, New Student Orientation, 6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819. Make checks/money orders payable to Sacramento State. We cannot accept cash or credit cards the day of your Orientation. Cash can be accepted at the Bursar's Office prior to your Orientation sessions. To confirm your orientation date, orientation fees are due within seven days of placing your reservation.

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*A limited amount of financial assistance is available on a first come first serve basis.  This is for students who wish to attend but might otherwise be unable. Financial assistance does not apply to guest. Orientation fee reduction request well be processed after your Orientation Reservation has been reserved.  Fee reduction forms must be received and approved prior to your Orientation date.  Fee reduction forms will not be accepted the day of Orientation. Contact (916) 278-4794 for details. Transfer Fee Reduction Form or First Year Fee Reduction Form.

Please note: Refunds can be given only if a cancellation request is made in writing at least two business days in advance of assigned Orientation date. Send written cancellations to orient.reservations@csus.edu. Refunds will be processed once a month. For changes in reservations, call (916) 278-7841.

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