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One Card

New students will have the opportunity to schedule classes and obtain their Sac State one card.

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Campus Activities

Various organizations will be present during orientation to assist students to get involved in campus clubs and activities

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Attending Orientation is a great way for parents and guardians to learn campus programs and expectations.

Academic Success

Orientation provides the essential details to be a successful student at Sac State.

Parents and Guests Orientation


Congratulations. Your student has been admitted to Sacramento State. We are looking forward to meeting your student. To prepare him/her (and you) for their first semester at Sacramento State, we encourage your attendance at New Student Orientation.

Your student has been receiving a lot of information via their My Sac State account. To give you a better understanding of the information and deadlines occurring this fall, visit: What Parents Should Know.

Our Parent and Guardian Program is designed to help you know as much about Sacramento State so you will be in a better position to encourage and support your student. During New Student Orientation, you will learn about the academic requirements students must complete and the various programs and services offered to help along the way (many of which are free). Come learn how you can help your student succeed and graduate from Sac State.


If you still have questions about the New Student Orientation program and what to expect, check out our FAQ page.