Parents and Guests Orientation

Orientation Leaders are available to answer questions throughout the day.

Parent Talk

Inspired by two Sacramento State employees who sent their own children to college, Parent Talk is a culmination of helpful websites to keep you up-to-date and informed about various campus services beneficial to your student. Whether you are a parent of a new first year student or transfer student, you'll want to check out these resources.

Where can my student go to get help picking classes after orientation?
Academic Calendar What are the important dates my student needs to know?
Alumni Center Are you a Sac State alum?
Athletics Want to catch a game?
Campus Police How safe is campus?
Capitol University Journal What's happening at the University?
Career Center Where can my student go to find help choosing a major or a job?
Counseling and Psychological Services Who can my student talk to about personal issues?
Financial Aid & Scholarships How do I get financial aid and what are the important deadlines?
Hornet Bookstore Where can my student buy or rent textbooks?
Housing Where will my student live?
One Card Why should my student get a Sac State ID Card?
Parents & Families Program “Where can I find additional resources for parents?”
SSWD Where can my student get assistance with their disability?
Student Health Center What kind of health care does the University offer?
Student Financial Services How much does it cost to attend Sac State?
University Parking (UTAPS) What are my student's commuting options?

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