Parents and Guests Orientation

Frequently Asked Parent/Guests FAQ

Q: Why should I attend Orientation with my student?

A: We encourage parents, guardians and spouses to attend Orientation so they will be in a better position to encourage and support their student while he/she is pursuing a degree at Sacramento State. During Orientation, parents/guests will learn the academic requirements necessary for their student to earn a degree and the numerous programs and services to help them succeed.

Q: What do my Orientation fees pay for?

A: Orientation fees support all printed materials mailed to your student as well as additional materials you and your student will receive when you arrive: the New Student Success Handbook, the Family Guide, and a Student Planner. Fees also support meals, parking and staffing. Financial Aid may not be used for Orientation fee

Q: Which program do I attend?

A: If your student has never attended college or has completed less than 18 units of college credit, join us for First Year Orientation.

If your student has attended college and has completed at least 19 units, join us for Transfer Orientation.

Q: Can I attend Orientation in place of my student?

A: No. It is important that students learn first-hand the academic requirements.

Q: Can guests other than parents/spouses attend with a student?

A: Friends and siblings who attend Orientation will follow the guest schedule and pay the guest fee. We encourage students to make alternate arrangements for young children.

Q: How does my student pay for registration fees?

A: The day after students register for classes, a fee statement will appear on the Student Center of his or her My Sac State account. Students MUST pay their registration fees during the period indicated. Students who don't pay their fees by the due date will have all of their classes dropped. A representative from the Bursar's Office  will be available to answer questions during lunch at Orientation.

For questions regarding financial aid (loans, grants, work-study), students should contact Financial Aid. Financial Aid representatives will also be available to answer questions during lunch at Orientation.

Q: What does my student need to bring to Orientation?

A: Please refer to the What to Bring to Orientation page for details.

Q: Who can I call with questions?

A: Friendly and knowledgeable Orientation staff are available to answer your questions. Call (916) 278-7841, Monday through Friday, 10:00am-3:00pm, or email them at