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Most students attend college to gain a comprehensive education, have an enriching learning experience, connect with other students, graduate and begin a fulfilling career. Students should aim to graduate in six years or less. This goal will assist them in meeting requirements for:

          -    General education
          -    Writing
          -    Foreign language
          -    Major
          -    Upper-division work

These requirements can be complex. Students need to be organized and emphasize taking courses that count toward graduation. Students should fulfill requirements when they can and save electives to fill out a schedule, since those classes are often more flexible. 

Remember, your daughter or son can contact Sacramento State’s academic advisors here if she or he needs assistance. Encourage your son or daughter to see an advisor with questions about general education or major degree requirements.

Applying for Graduation - 

Is your daughter or son ready to apply for graduation? If a student has completed 85 units successfully, she or he is ready to apply. Students can apply to graduate up to one year in advance.

This webpage explains the steps a student must take to apply to graduate. It includes:

  • Tips for completing the graduation application (some majors can do so online, while others must complete and submit a hard-copy form)
  • A printable graduation application form
  • Reminders to obtain signatures from academic departments
  • The location of where to pay the $63 graduation fee
  • Where to turn in the application form

Graduation Requirements - 

Students must complete a minimum of 120 units to graduate, with no more than 70 units having been taken at a community college. (There are a few exceptions.) Forty units must be upper-division units. Each major has its own course requirements as well.Download the Bachelor’s Degree Graduation Requirement Checklist here.

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