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Reading Reference

Ethnographic Works

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Online Scholarly Publications/Journals

ACE American Council on Education
Main Publication

Recommended Reading

ACE – Serving Those Who Serve: Higher Education and America’s Veterans

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Main Publication

Recommended Reading

College Is for Veterans Too

Group to Reward Colleges Friendly to Veterans

Bill to Expand Veterans' Education Benefits Begins Moving Through Congress

American Council on Education to Reward Veterans-Friendly Campuses With Grants

Sac State Courses

Fall 2011 - Social Work 196A - Exploration of Veteran Studies: An Ethnographic Approach
Instructor: Chrys C. Ramirez Barranti, PhD., MSW
Office: 4006 Mariposa Hall Phone: 916.278.4161 Email:

This is a new course designed  to introduce students to the issues for veterans transitioning from combat to civilian life.

The focus of the course:

  • Explore the application of resilience in transitions from combat to civilian life.
  • Primarily current wars:  Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. 
  • Build a knowledge and understanding of issues and challenges faced by veterans.
  • Review of current information, qualitative research articles and other significant recent literature on veterans’ issues.

Results of the course:

  • Develop analytical skills in order to identify gaps in the research on veterans Build increased knowledge and application of resilience theory in considering veterans’ transitions.
  • Develop skills in narrative approaches to ethnographic and qualitative research (ex., oral histories; interviews, etc)

Reading List:

  • Armstrong, K., Best, S., & Domanici, P. (2006).  Courage after fire.  Berkeley, CA:  Ulysses Press.
  • Slone, & Friedman, ( 2008).  After the war zone:  A practical guide for returning troops and   their families.  Philadelphia, PA:  Da Capo Press Life Long.
  • Tanielian, T., & Jaycox, L. (2008).  Invisible wounds of war:  Psychological and cognitive   injuries, their consequences, and services to assist recovery.  Santa Monica, CA:  RAND

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