The Mariachi
by Kyle Van de Kamer
Laguna Blanca High School
10th Grade

The Mariachi Plaza in Los Angeles is a place that was built to celebrate and honor the Mariachi. It is often seen by musicians as a sanctuary, as it was donated by the Mexican state of Jalisco, the birthplace of the Mariachi. This is not only a meeting place for Mariachis, but also a location where people can come and hire Mariachi groups. This has given these hard working, diligent, and honorable Mariachis a central location for people to hire them, allowing them to earn a stable living by doing something they love. The Mariachis have greatly influenced Hispanic culture throughout Southern California and it is vital to have them here in order to sustain this culture. Sadly, their importance is not given the recognition it deserves. I believe that this photo, representing these hard working Mariachis and their importance to Los Angeles, is truly California thorugh my eyes.