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Guidelines for Report Submission

March 1999

In preparing their final report, a Faculty Research Fellow is required to follow the guidelines below to insure that their work can be reviewed, completed, and disseminated as quickly as possible.

Report needs to be submitted by email and on a CD. The text and tables need to be saved as computer files.

The report should be written through a word processor that allows the manuscript to be saved in the form of a Microsoft Word for Windows document. All tables should be produced in a form that allows them to be saved in the form of a Microsoft Excel for Windows document.

All pages should contain 1.25" margin on the left and 1" margins elsewhere. With the exceptions noted here, the report should be double-spaced and use the Times New Roman Font at 12 pitch. All text should be left-justified to the margin and each new paragraph should be indented five spaces.

Sections of the report should follow the heading conventions of:

(centered; all capitals for first headings)

Sub-Heading One
(centered; first-letter capitals for second headings)

Sub-Sub Heading One
(left-justified; underlined, first-letter capitals for third headings)

Page numbers should appear at the bottom center of all pages.

All tables, figures, and graphics should be embedded in the electronic document. Follow any standard form for table and figure creation but be sure to be consistent in the use of the form throughout your report. Be sure to provide a title for each table, figure, or graphic. For instance:

Table 1

Descriptive Statistics Relating to Age at Start of Kindergarten and Later Academic Performance

A table of contents indicating all headings, second headings, and third headings should appear immediately after a cover page that lists the title, date, and names and associations of all authors.

A table that lists all figures and tables, and the page they are to be inserted into in the body of the report, should appear on a separate page that follows the table of contents.

A one-page (single-spaced) executive summary should follow the table of contents. After this, a one-page (single-spaced) discussion of appropriate policy recommendations should follow. Following this, the body of the report should begin.

A reference list should be the final item in each report. Follow any of the standard practices in composing it.

Thanks in advance for maintaining these standard practices. Specifying them in such detailed form should make both of our jobs easier.

For more information, contact William D. Leach, Project Director, at