Instructions for Recommenders
The deadline for all application materials is February 24, 2012.

Executive Fellowship Program
Executive Fellows function as full-time professional staff in high levels of state government and complete graduate seminars in Public Policy and Administration. Unique to the executive branch experience are the levels of responsibility and the inherent range of topics that are possible as an Executive Fellow. This diversity of responsibility and opportunity is one of the core differences of the Executive Fellowship Program. Often fellows have the opportunity to gain experience in policy development, legislation, communication and program implementation during their fellowship year, as well as a host of other opportunities.

Maturity, initiative, flexibility, strong communication skills as well as interpersonal and professional skills are paramount abilities needed for success in placements. Underlying these skills is the motivation and commitment to public service and interest in learning about leadership and government in California.

Please complete the evaluation in addition to submitting your letter of recommendation.

If you have questions, please contact Mark Grisby, Director, (916)278-6906,