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PSA Video Contest
What Would $1,000 do for Your School?

In the age of budget cuts, deficits, and spending caps, every little bit counts and $1,000 can go a long way toward improving your school. How would you use the money? New uniforms for the soccer team? Fresh paint in the hallways? New supplies for art class? Instruments for the band? Costumes for the school play? Break out your video camera and send us your 60-second Public Service Announcement (PSA) video showcasing the difference $1,000 would make at your high school.

One video from the individual category and one video in the class/club category will be selected as official prize winning entries and will each be awarded $1,000 for the project highlighted in the winning video. So, get to work on showing off your efforts to improve your school!

The postmark deadline to enter your PSA video is Friday, October 16, 2009.


Participants are encouraged to create a PSA video showcasing what $1,000 would do for their school. The PSA video should be original, creative, and inspiring. PSA video entries may include, but are not limited to, performance art, animation, or claymation. PSA videos must be submitted in DVD format.


Individual Category: California high school students of all grades are eligible to participate as an individual entry.
Class/Club Category: California high school students of all grades are eligible to participate as part of a class/club entry.

  • Submitting an entry into this contest constitutes permission (except where prohibited by law) to use participant's name, hometown and/or likeness for promotional purposes without further compensation.

  • Students may only enter in one category.


  1. Create a PSA video no longer than 60-seconds and no less than 30-seconds that includes the following information: Title of PSA video, names of participants, and the name of the high school represented.

  2. Fill out the registration form (with your principal's signature). One individual can register as a representative of a team, but all individuals featured in the PSA video will need to complete the release form.

  3. All PSA video entries must have approval of the school principal in order to be considered as an official entry.

  4. A release form for each actor/participant must be submitted with your PSA video and registration form.

  5. Submit PSA video entry via mail by October 16, 2009 (postmark deadline) to:
    California State University, Sacramento
    Center for California Studies
    The LegiSchool Project
    6000 J Street
    Sacramento, CA 95819-6081  


PSA video entries must be submitted via mail in DVD format. PSA video entries must not exceed 60 seconds in length nor be shorter than 30 seconds.


You must be the original author of everything in your video or have written permission to use copyright protected material. In addition, you will need written consent from all actors appearing in your PSA to use their likenesses and voices, using the release form. PSAs containing unauthorized copyrighted music, words, logos, photos, or video clips will automatically be disqualified from the contest.


PSA judging will be based on three equally weighted criteria:

  • Innovation and creativity:  setting, tone, and style of PSA video.

  • Message:  clarity and effectiveness in communicating "what would $1,000 do for your school?"

  • Impact: appeal and responsiveness


One video from the individual category and one video from the class/club category will be selected as official prize wining entries. The $1,000 prize money will be awarded directly to your school for the project highlighted in the winning video.


Click HERE to download the Individual Entry Form (PDF).

Click HERE to download the Class/Club Entry Form (PDF).

Click HERE to download the Release Form (PDF).

Click HERE to download the PSA Video Contest Flyer (PDF).

For more information, contact the LegiSchool Project at (916) 278-6906 or e-mail at

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