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Center for California Studies
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California Studies

The origins of the Center for California Studies, and indeed its name, stem from the conviction that a real understanding of California’s government, politics and public policies is not possible without an awareness of the state’s non-political facets. 

Unlike many conventional university-based research and public policy institutes, the Center has always maintained an interdisciplinary foundation for its activities and shunned an overriding approach that focuses on a single discipline or policy concern.  Center activities involve and are enriched by historians and political scientists, poets and artists, policy makers and policy critics, economists and biologists.  In so doing, the Center hopes to increase appreciation for the richness of California.

The Center’s goals are:

  • To assist California’s public officials and policymakers in addressing the state’s challenges through policy research and productive dialogue. 


  • To foster in California’s future leaders a dedication to public service and a commitment to the values of representative democracy, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for an effective and ethical public career.


  • To promote civic literacy among Californians, inspiring greater understanding of our state, government, people, and history.

Notable programs

Additionally, the Center actively pursues opportunities to support other California Studies activities and events throughout the state.



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