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Eureka! Download Directions

  1. Click HERE to download and "Save" the Eureka! Budget Balancer Files (Eureka.zip), be sure to remember where you save the file to.
    (Suggestion: Create a folder named Eureka either on your desktop or your hard drive).

  2. Open the Eureka! Budget Balancer File by clicking on "Eureka.zip".

  3. Extract all the files* to the same folder/location**.

  4. Click on "Eureka.exe" to install the program.


    * Note: All files included with the download are essential to run EUREKA.EXE.
    ** May require WinZip or similar program to extract files.

    Eureka is copyrighted by the Center for California StuSdies, Sacramento State and Broderbund Software Inc.

For more information, contact the Center for California Studies at 916-278-6906 or .