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Envisioning California Conference

The Envisioning California Conference, founded by the Center for California Studies in 1989, assembles Californians with particular insight into the bits and pieces of California's diversity of histories, cultures and philosophies, and the consequences of the diversity.  Our discussions attempt to analyze successes and failures in efforts to bring Californians together and to keep differences from breeding discord. We question what defines California, who Californians are, and where California is going.  We reach into the broad vistas of the California experience, from politics, ethnicity, and history to the arts, education and the environment.

27th Annual Envisioning California Conference
Our Voices Advancing Civic Engagement in California


Keynote Speakers

Now on YouTube! View past Envisioning California Conferences HERE

Past Envisioning California Conferences:

  • California's Liquid Gold: Brewing and Winemaking in the Golden State   (VIDEO)
  • Moving On: Transforming Transportation in California   (VIDEO)
  • Food for Thought: Current Food Trends and Policies in the Golden State, 2013   (VIDEO)
  • Connected or Disconnected: California's Culture, Technology and Politics, 2012
  • The Nonprofit Sector: Crises and Untapped Opportunities, 2011
  • Sustainability and the California Dream, 2009
  • California Imagined: The Arts of the Golden State, 2008
  • Immigration in California: Conflict, Resolution & Transformation, 2007
  • How Well Are We Preparing Our Young People for Life After High School?, 2006
  • Retrofitting California: Rethinking Policy & Infrastructure for a Sustainable Future, 2005
  • Refounding California: Envisioning the Future of State Governance, 2004
  • Dynamic Diversity: Expanding the California Dream, 2003
  • Envisioning a State of Learning: Moving California’s Master Plan for Higher Education into the 21st Century, 2002
  • Our Year of Disconnect: The Power & Politics of Power in California, 2001
  • E-Democracy and Initiatives: The Future of the California Republic, 2000
  • Paths to California’s 21st Century, 1999
  • California's Taxing Evolution: The Legacy of Prop. 13, 1998
  • The House We Live In, 1997
  • People, Landscapes and Visions, 1996
  • Rumors of Peace: California's Defense Era and Beyond, 1995
  • Bright Lights, Mean Streets: California as City, 1994
  • Reassembling California, 1993
  • Dancing on the Brink, 1992
  • Charting Uncommon Ground, 1991
  • The Diversity of Peoples and Regions, 1990
  • Peoples, Land, Policies, 1989

Our Voices 2016

27th Annual Envisioning California Conference
Our Voices:
Advancing Civic Engagement in California

OCTOBER 7, 2016 at the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria

As a diverse, geographically expansive state with 40 million residents, California can be challenging to govern. It is a special challenge to ensure that the interests of the state’s population are served. More than many states, California asks its residents to express their preferences through elections, ballot propositions, surveys, community forums, and numerous other mechanisms. And yet not all California voices are heard. At the 27th annual Envisioning California conference, we will explore various aspects of civic engagement among Californians, including efforts to improve how we can better connect with our government and with our communities.